Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alison Really Likes the Net Climb

WOD: "Partners"

1CF Net Climb
2CF Bob and Weave
3CF Romanian Pull-ups

3 Rounds

1CF Kettle Bell Pull x5
2CF Push Press 45lb bar
3CF Squats or Wall Balls

3 Rounds

Ok, so for this one we broke into groups of three and each person in the group started on one of the stations. If you were in group one, your round was determined by how fast each person did the net climb. If you were in group two, your round time was determined by how fast each person did the KB Pull x5. Once you did your three rounds of one, you took a short break and started the other. 

The net climb for me was easy. I did the bob and weaves with 2 20lb KB in rack position. I did the Romanian Pull-ups with the medium box. Our first round was messed up because not all the group members quite understood what was going on. I probably could have done better. Next time.

I did the KB Pull with the 32lb KB and crushed it, which made me feel AWESOME. Push presses were good. I tried to do at least 25 per round. However, my arms are a bit tired from yesterday. I can do better. Squats...um...let's just say that I did 90 squats one round and I though my legs were going to fall off.

Showa time.

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