Monday, March 16, 2009

Alison Should Quit her Job and Wait Tables


Pull-up Ladder:
5 x (1,2,3)

5 minute rest

5 Rounds for Time:

30 Push-ups
Waiter Walk
30 Squats

Freakin' Pull-ups again. I tried to do them without any band. I can get over the bar if I don't start from a dead hang, is still pathetic. I did the ladder alternating with the blue band and the brown band. I am so frustrated that I can't get the stupid Pull-ups. It makes me ANGRY!

The rest of the WOD was awesome. I did true Push-ups for the first round for all 30 of them and felt pretty good about it. Finished the other rounds with modified ones. I did the Waiter Walk with a 35lb dumbbell. I did it with both arms. I was worried about my left arm because it is spastic, but I was able to control it. I did all 5 rounds at that weight. Air squats=active rest for me. That is the only good thing about being blessed with man legs. Finished in 15:07.

After that we did abs. 3 rounds of 20 crunches/20 obliques (each side)/ 20 back extensions. Love it.

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