Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

So, uh, hey there Tysons Corner CrossFitters...I hope you are not wasting your time reading this because you have way more productive things to do. You really should get back to work or something. Also, this may help cure insomnia, so if you need it for that, be my guest. Ok! Enough with the embarrassed mumbling intro, let's get to to the deets of Friday's and Saturday's workouts.

Saturday, 25 April


5 Rounds for Time

12 Deadlifts, 155lbs
9 Hang Cleans, 155lbs
6 Push Jerks, 155 lbs

Ok, so, this is probably the second time ever I have done any sort of Olympic lifts with something other than a PVC pipe (used to practice the movements.) I scaled the Deadlift down to 85lbs and the Hang Cleans and Push Jerks to 65lbs. I knew I could do the Deadlifts no prob at this weight, the other two were questionable. I have problems getting the timing down with the Hang Cleans but they improved the more I did them (duh, I know). Push Jerks went well and I feel like I could definitely do more weight. We (being my partner and I) ended up not doing this one for time and did it for form instead. I liked this one.

Friday, 24 April


As many rounds as possible in 30 mins of:

400m Run
Draw card
Number on card Push-Ups/20 reps of :
Diamonds = KB Flip Push-Press
Hearts=KB Reverse Lunges
Clubs= KB Wall-Ball Substitutes
Spades= Cleans/Snatches 10L/10R
Joker=Traveling KB Swings

This one was sweet. I got through 6 whole rounds and did true Push-Ups each time (wohoo!). I also ran and extra "victory" lap. Actually, it was more of a guilt lap because I totally could have started it before time was up but lollygagged around. I know, I know, you're only cheating yourself. I used the 20lb KB for all exercises. I also reaffirmed that really hate traveling kettlebell swings. Alot.

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