Friday, May 1, 2009

Chop Till You Drop

Yesterday's workout was pretty good but I was struggling mightily for some reason.

Thursday, 30 April

WOD: Partner Chop Till You Drop 20 Minutes

20 Sledge Hammer Swings/KB Swings
15 Tire Jumps/Box Jumps
10 Push-Ups

7 Ball Slams
7 Ball Cleans
400m Run

This was the second time I have completed this workout. We had to mix it up a bit since every Tyson's Corner CrossFitter this side of the Potomac showed up. It still worked out pretty well. I only got to use the sledge hammer set up once BUT one that round I was able to do the Push-Ups with my feet on the tire. Previously I couldn't do it at all. Awesome. The other rounds I used the 16kg KB for the swings and the 24 inch box for the jumps. Mixed it up between the 16 and 20 lb balls for the slams and clean. I had a very hard time running. I don't know why. Probably because I hate running. Ha!

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