Monday, May 18, 2009

Deadlifts and KettleBells

What, it is Monday already? Where did the weekend go?

Saturday, 16 May

WOD: KettleBell Circuit

5 Rounds of 45 sec Work/30 sec Rest with 5 KB Push-ups

Alt. Hand KB Swings
Upper Cut Hot Potato
Reverse Lunges

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely LOVE KB workouts. Love them. This one was awesome. I used the 25lb KB for the entire workout. I did modified Push-Ups on the KB. Fantastic.

Friday, 15 May

WOD: Strength--Deadlifts

Work up to heavy DL
1x1x1x1x1x1 @90%1RM

I was unsure of what my 1 rep max was, so I had to experiment a little. I settled on doing the workout with 165lbs, which is 10lbs more than my previous best (155lbs). That felt pretty good. After the WOD, Jason had us to 500m rowing sprints to see how fast we could do it. I finished in 1:55. I guess that is pretty good.

I am really looking forward to CrossFit today.

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  1. Hey this is great to come and see. I too, love the Bells.