Sunday, May 31, 2009

I have a Fever....

And the only prescription is more KettleBell!

Resting  up today because the past week was hard. especially Saturday.

Saturday, 30 May

WOD: KettleBell Circuit

5 Rounds: 1 Min Work/30 Sec Active Rest (3 Burpees)

Alternating Squat
Reverse Lunges

I started out with the 25lb KettleBell and made it through the first 2 rounds and then had to go down to 20lbs. Not the best performance, but I was really having a hard time. Matt showed us a version of the swings where you swing it with one hand, catch it with the same hand but with you forearm up and swing it outside of your leg. Hard to explain but not too hard to do.  The alternating squats were fine and that reverse lunges were good. The Burpees made the whole thing harder. Matt asked us on several occasions if any of us were going to puke. I never really felt like puking but blacking out, yes. It was so hot and humid that is was a bit scary. Welcome to CrossFit during a DC summer. I am going to have to drink ALOT more water.

Friday's WOD was pretty good. We did hang cleans, which I like.

Friday, 29 May


3 Rounds of:
12 Hang Cleans
2 Min Rowing
2 Min Rest

3 Min rest

Run 1 Mile

3 Rounds of:
8 Pull-Ups
8 Ring-Dips
8 KB Swings
8 Push-Ups
60m Farmer's Walk
1 Minute Rest

This one was really good because it included so many things. I actually started with the 2nd part since there were so many people. I used Ol' Blue for the Pull-Ups though when My arms aren't really tired, I can do a few Pull-Ups without it at all. I did jumping Ring Dips and used the 30lb KB for the swings. I also did true Push-Ups the entire time and used 35lb dumbbells for the Farmer's Walk.

I ran a very fast (for me) mile with Dan because it was lightning and raining. Our other option was jumping rope for 1o minutes. We did it in about 7 minutes, although Kathryn accused me of miscounting laps again. However, I can say with utmost confidence we did run 4 laps and she is just jealous (yeah, right.)

The Hang Clean part went well. I have never done a full Hang Clean with weight before, so I started off with just the bar, then 55lbs, then 65 lbs. I love it.  I can probably do more next time. Rowing was the same as usual and I tired to keep the same pace each time. It was good.

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