Friday, May 22, 2009

A Miserable Progression of Exercises

So I had my butt handed to me yesterday. I was on day 4 straight of working out only because I am not going to be able to get to the gym or even do anything on my own until Monday and, you know, I have to keep up my loverly physique.

Thursday, 21 May

WOD: A Long Walk

As Many Rounds as You can do in 40 Minutes of:

400m Bodybag Carry
30 KB Swings with Partner Plank
400m Farmer's Walk
30 KB Swings with Partner Plank
200m Lunge/600m Run
30 KB Swings with Partner Plank

Holy freakin' guacamole Batman. My partner and I used 25lb dumbbells instead of the Bodybags for the Bodybag Carry since the 2 Bodybags we have were being used. We were to carry it over our heads with both hands at full extension. I found that my hands and wrists got more tired than my shoulders during this walk. I initially used the 20lb KB for the swings and am pleased to announce that even though I was tired as all heck, 20lbs was too light. I switched to the 25lb KB for the rest of the swings. I did all the Planks in Push-Up position. Knowing how long 400m really is when you are carrying weights, I opted to carry 25lb dumbbells for the Farmer's Walk and still struggled. The 200m Lunge/600m Run was not too bad, although the Lunge portion gave me horrific flashbacks to Jason's memorable workout of 800m Run/400m Lunge/800m Run. I also noticed that I tend to snap at people who talk to me while I trying to complete a difficult exercise. Um, sorry about that. I do that when I first wake up too. Dan calls it "Mean Alison" and knows not to talk to me until I have at least been up for 30 minutes, sometimes longer. Apologies all around. Its not personal, its CrossFit.

Anyway, we managed to do 1 whole round and finish a second Bodybag Carry. I attempted to carry a Bodybag this time. I don't know how heavy they are but I struggled with keeping it over my head. I did managed to carry it the entire 400m without setting it down.

So, in other words, this workout sucked. I mean that in a good way. I also like Andrew's response to the whining: "You'll thank me tomorrow." And you know what? I feel pretty good today. As usual, Andrew was right.

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