Friday, May 29, 2009

Muscle-Ups of Destiny!

So, Jason is teaching us how to do Muscle-Ups. He started us out this week with a modified version, starting on your knees and pulling up into the Ring Dip position. This proved to work well for me seeing as I can do minimal Pull-Ups and Ring Dips without modification. Anyway, Muscle-Ups were included in yesterday's WOD.

Thursday, 28 May


30sec Work/30sec Rest with 5 perfect Push-Ups, 2 Rounds

GHD Sit-Ups
Static Ring Hold
Right Plank
Left Plank
Front Plank
Flutter Kicks

I only included this because I liked this warm up and it was the first time I was able to do static ring holds ever. Plus, I did true Push-Ups as well. Neat.


5 Rounds for Time:

5 Muscle-Ups (Or, 7 modified Muscle-Ups and 5 Jumping Ring Dips)
10 Box Jumps
15 Burpees
1 Net Climb

I did the modified version of the Muscle-Ups and was quite surprised to be able to do all of the Jumping Ring Dips. Admittedly, they got weaker by the 5th round but I still did them. I also found a flow to the Burpees where I can do them at a consistent pace, taking minimal breaks. That being said, I still hate them. Net Climbs and Box Jumps, however, went just fine. I finished in 26:14.

Afterwards we did some abs and Jason showed us a crazy ab exercise where you hand from the net by your feet and try to touch your toes. CRAZY. I want to try it again though. Maybe next time I won't feel like I am going to black out from hanging upside down for so long.


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