Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Row, Row, Row your Boat...

So during this workout I figured out that if I was ever captured and forced to row on a slave ship, I would probably be the first to pass out and get thrown overboard and eaten by sharks. Here's why:

Monday, 18 May


For Time:

500m Row
30 rep Body Weight Bench Press
1000m Row
20 rep Body Weight Bench Press
2000m Row
10 rep Body Weight Bench Press

Let's be perfectly honest. I cannot bench even close to my body weight yet, so I went as heavy as I could in order to complete all 60 Bench Presses. I also did them from the floor instead of a bench in order to not get in the way of people that CAN do their body weight. Anyway, I used 85lbs for the Bench Press the entire time. I actually did pretty well. The rowing was not too bad until I got to the 2000m part. Ouch. I did it though. I am not sure what my time was. I didn't start with everyone else, as I had to wait for a rower to start my workout. I did it as fast as I could. I will watch the time better next time.

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