Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tabata This

After much organizational confusion and smack talk, Team Midget plus Jenny was assembled and we were off and rolling.

Tuesday, 12 May

Warm Up:

1 Mile Run
2 Hurdle Hops/10 Push-Ups
2 Hurdle Hops/9 Push-Ups
2 Hurdle Hops/8 Push-Ups
Continue ending at 1 Push-Up.

WOD: Tabata This

Australian (Or Bulgarian, or whatever) Pull-Ups

Team Midget plus Jenny started with the squats and averaged about 12 per round. The Pull-Ups were next and were not quite as good. I started out with my feet elevated and made it through about 3 rounds like that. The rest of the rounds I completed with my feet on the ground. I tried to complete at least 7 Push Presses per round with a 45 lb bar and managed to do it for at least 5 rounds. We averaged about 15 Sit-Ups per round. A quick but effective workout.

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  1. Thanks for leaving the stretching mishap out of your synopsis, lol