Friday, June 5, 2009

The Exercise

Yesterday's WOD looked a lot more terrible than it really was. I enjoyed it but am a little sore today. This fact makes me glad that I chose to go with a lower weight.

Thursday, 4 June

WOD: The Exercise

100 Clean & Jerks/Snatches 95/65 lbs
100 OHS 95/65 lbs

Alternate movements between reps.

I was nervous about this one, mostly because I was still a bit sore from Tuesday and knew that it would be really tough for me to do 100 OHS. I opted to use 55 lbs for this. I did the C&J and the OHS in 10/10 reps. The C&J with 55l bs were actually really good and I did all of them with hardly any trouble. My form broke down with the OHS in my last few reps of them. I ended up putting a box in front of me to help me keep my butt back. The last 20 were pretty rough. Still like 'em though.

Looking forward to forging elite fitness and grilling out today.

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