Monday, June 29, 2009

Fight Gone Bad

Saturday was a busy day. I started it out right, however, by dragging Dan's younger brother to his very first ever CrossFit workout and of course we did Fight Gone Bad. Duh!

Saturday, 27 June

WOD: Fight Gone Bad

3 Rounds:

Wall Balls
Box Jumps
Push Press

1 minute of each movement with a minute rest in between rounds.

I have not done FGB in months, so I wasn't sure how I would do. I used the 10lb ball for Wall Balls, 24kg (which, I was told, as I can't do math in my head, that it is about 50lbs maybe) KettleBell for SDLHP, the 24 inch box for Box Jumps, and a 45lb bar for Push Press. Minus the Wall Ball, the weights are significantly heavier than my previous bout. Last time I only used a 20lb KettleBell for the SDLH and 35lbs for Push Press. I did well, I thought, but definitely struggled the last round. I had a very encouraging partner, though, so that was helpful. My final score was 230.

I honestly thought Dan's bro was going to die. He is never going to come visit us again...

Sunday was a rest day. I can tell I am getting better at CrossFit because most of the time I can move more easily on my rest days than previously and I rarely look like a mummy trying to walk around. Ha!

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  1. Encouraging Partners RULE.. Good Job Mrs B.