Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rough Week

Alright, I have been really swamped and without the Internet almost all of last week. Like I said before, I was in Columbia, South Carolina for a business conference. I missed a lot of posts, so I am just going to skip them and start again.

Saturday, 13 June

WOD: For Time

100m Lunge
21 Pull-Ups
21 Sit-Ups
100m Lunge
18 Pull-Ups
18 Sit-Ups
100m Lunge
15 Pull-Ups
15 Sit-Ups
100m Lunge
12 Pull-Up
12 Sit-Ups
100m Lunge
9 Pull-Ups
9 Sit-Ups
100m Lunge
6 Pull-Ups
6 Sit-Ups

This was a great workout. I was worried about the lunges but breaking them up into 100m sets made them doable. I did all of the Pull-Ups with Ol' Blue and felt pretty good. I finished in 19:58.

Friday, 12 June

WOD: As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes:

15 Hang Cleans, 115 lbs
12 Ring Dips
21 Sit-Ups

This was my first workout back after sunny SC. I began the Hang Cleans at 55 lbs but moved up to 65 lbs for the rest. I sit jumping ring dips and managed to do them all each time. The Sit-Ups were great too. I got through almost 5 rounds.

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