Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bastille Day and Other Revolutions

So yesterday was Bastille Day and I know no one cares about that except me because I am a history dork, so I won't bore you with the details. It was a revolution though, so there was fighting AND the Bastille has a large cache of ammo, which I thought might peak the interest of some of you. And it was the French fighting the French, so in the end, the French finally won something. Oh snap, a history joke! Check it out here for more info: Bastille Day

Anywho, on to more important things like Alison finally doing not one but two true dead hang Pull-Ups on her own with no assistance whatsoever from Ol' Blue. I think she was offended but too bad.

Tuesday, 14 July

WOD: Coach Rutherford

Max Effort Pull-Ups: 3-3-3-1-1-1

5 Minute Rest


DB Deadlift (75% bodyweight)
DB Power Hang Cleans (65% bodyweight)
DB Floor Press (55% bodyweight)

For the Pull-Ups I used Ol' Blue for the first 2 sets of 3, then a weird band concoction for the last 3. Then I did a body weight one not starting at dead hang. Then I did real dead hang Pull-Ups for the last 2 sets of 1. It rocked.

The lifting part went alright. I used 50lb dumbbells for the deadlift and then to keep things going 30 or 35lb dumbells (depending on what was available/closest) for the Hang Cleans and Floor Presses. As per usual, I had a hard time to Hang Cleans with dumbbells but I managed. Those callouses that went into hiding last week are back with a vengeance though. Good. I didn't want baby soft hands anyway.

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