Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evil Barbara

The last two days of WODs have been pretty good. Getting out of bed today was a challenge and every muscle in my body hurts, but in a good way. On Tuesday we did a WOD called "SEAL Fit." Basically is was an amped Barbara, so I am calling it Evil Barbara.

Tuesday, 21 July

WOD: Evil Barbara

3 Rounds of:

400m Weighted Run
25 Pull-Ups
50 Push-Ups
75 Sit-Ups
100 Squats

This was GREAT! It was so tough yet do-able. I did the weighted runs with a 25lb plate. They are hard to carry and run at the same time so I came up with a Macgyvered back strap for it which Kathryn improved once we could think straight after the workout was over. It worked pretty well as it allowed us to carry the weight on our back instead of wrestling with it the entire run. I had to use Ol' Blue for the Pull-Ups and crapped out on the Push-Ups since I had to do modified ones for most of them. That is frustrating because I can do real ones. Sit-Ups and Squats were no problem although the last round of them were pretty intense. It was awesome.

On Monday we did the Filthy Fifty. I love that one (minus the Double Unders, ugh. I stink at them!)

Monday, 20 July

WOD: Filthy Fifty

50 Box Jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping Pull-Ups
50 Kettlebell Swings, 1 pood
50 Steps Walking Lunge
50 V-Ups
50 Push Press, 45 pounds
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall Ball, 20 pound ball
50 Total: 40 Push-Ups/10 Burpees
50 Double Unders

I was able to do most of these as prescribed, except the 1 pood KB Swings. I used a 25lb KB for those and a 12lb ball for the Wall Balls. I must say the Wall Balls are exceptions. I can toss it 10ft no problem now. I finished in 37:55. This is slower than my previous time but the exercises were not exactly the same and I could do heavier weight this time. I am hoping to beat my previous time soon though.

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