Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday's WOD is one of my favorites. For whatever reason, I really like the pace and the movements. We had four girls show up yesterday, so we were on the same team, which Dave so lovingly named Team Tampax. Awesome.

Wednesday, 22 July


3 Rounds of:

CF1 Net Climb
CF2 Bob and Weave
CF 3 Bulgarian Pull-Ups

3 Rounds of:

CF1 KB Pull 5x
CF2 Push-Press 45lbs
CF3 Squats

We started with the KB Pull workout first. All of these movements went well. We used a 35lb KB for the Pull and 45lbs for the Push-Presses. For the second workout, the Net Climbs for me got increasingly slower as I moved from the Bulgarian Pull-Ups to the Net. I was able to do true Bulgarian Pull-Ups each round (meaning NO feet on the floor! Wohoo!!) This however, made my grip so tired that I really had to try not to pull a Paloma and fall off the Net. Everything worked out alright, though. For the Bob and Weave I use 20lb KBs in rack position. Love it!

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    Hey, I'm a member of Team Tampax, so embrace as you should, I have...