Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I don't know Squat

Yesterday's WOD was a good one. We did a Squat Progression for the first time in awhile. Squats are my fave, mostly because I can do them fairly easily.

Monday, 27 July


Squat Progression:

OHS 1x1x1
Front Squat 1x1x1
Back Squat 1x1x1

10 Rounds of:

5 Dumbbell Snatches 45/25lbs
5 Dumbbell Swings 45/25lbs
5 rounds of 10 Burpees/5 rounds of 10 Flag Push-Ups.

For the Squat Progression, you were to get heavier as you went along. I started with the 45lb bar for the OHS and made my way up to 75lbs (a new max). I then went to I think 115lb with the Front Squat. I have not done too many front squats, so 115lbs is my max. I could probably have gone up, but we'll try it again next time. I started the back squats at 135 and it was easy, which made me feel pretty good. I worked my way up to 175lbs and that is my new max for that. Coolio.

The second part of the WOD went well, meaning I finished eventually. I used the 25lb dumbbells. I attempted to to some rounds of the Flag Push-Ups with 10lb DB but someone stole BOTH freakin' sets of 10 pounders I was using. Jerks. It was a good thing I was blacking out from possible heat stroke or they would have been judo-chopped. This was a good WOD and I am not as sore today as I thought I would be. It is a good thing because today's WOD looks challenging. Can't wait.

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