Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hang Clean Tough

Tuesday's WOD was challenging but not so challenging that I wanted to die during it. However, I did feel mutinous when we were told we EACH had to row a total of 2000m, not 2000m total.

Tuesday, 18 August


M.E. Hang power Cleans


Row 250
(for a total of 2000m EACH)

The Hang Power Cleans went well. I made it up to 95lbs, which is a new max for me on these. However, I wasn't as explosive as I needed to be with the movement, so I was just a bit slow. I could do 85lbs easily and wanted to finish with 95. Hopefully these will continue to improve.

The partner part went well. I tried to keep it at 2:00 or under for the Rowing/500m and was fairly consistent. The Wall-Walks hurt after awhile and gave me a headache. To combat this, I did Wall Planks (plank position with your feet on the wall instead of the ground. Muy bueno. You should try it. Wear a mouth guard) twice. I am guessing we finished in about 20 minutes. Probably under, but not by much.

And then I rested on Wednesday, which was for the best since I am missing some skin on my right hand and they did a KB workout which wouldn't have helped that at all. Sweet. It is right in the palm too. Seriously. Who does that?

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