Saturday, August 22, 2009

Psh, Please

So the last few days have been good at the gym. I always love playing Hoover Ball no matter how much my elbows hurt.

Friday, 21 August

WOD: Hoover Ball

We played for almost two hours. About 10 minutes in, I caught a ball the twisted my arm in such a way that it makes my tendinitis or whatever it is occur, rendering said arm basically useless. At least it was my left arm. Still fun!

Thursday, 20 August


Max Effort Box Squat

5 Rounds of:

400m Run
6 Traveling Burpees
1 Rope Climb
20 Ball Slams

I did not care for the Max Effort Box Squats. It hurt my shoulders more than anything else. Maybe I will go down in weight next time to work on form, but where you have to hold the bar, I don't know if that will help. We'll see. I prefer regular squats.

The rest of the workout went well. It was HOT out. Not good conditions for running, but you know, I manned up and got through it. The traveling Burpees were not too bad sand I am glad we only had to do six. I managed to do all 5 Rope Climbs using the "monkey method" on the net. I don't have a better term for it, but it is where you climb the net using only one section, going straight up. It is faster I think. Anyway, my grip didn't fail, even on the last one, so that is cool. I used a 16lb ball for the Ball Slams. I don't know my time but I took minimal breaks and felt absolutely wretched afterwards, meaning I probably did alright. I hope the heat here goes away soon. It is making outdoor portions of WODs awful.

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