Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KB Circuit Bukowski Style

Because yesterday was Labor Day and everybody and their mother had the day off (except me), the gym had a 10 am workout, which I couldn't make because I had to work till 11. No matter. Dan and I decided we would meet at the gym after I got off work and do a running/squat WOD since we know the running measurements there. Plus, I drive right by it on my way home. So we get there about 11:20 and Matt is still there and he very nicely lets us use the gym! Sweet! We decided to do a KB circuit

Monday, 7 September

WOD: KB Circuit

5 Rounds 1 min work/30 sec Active Rest (5 4-count Flutter Kicks, 5 V-Ups, 5 Sit-Ups, alternating between exercises)

American KB Swings
Figure-8 Upper Cut
KB Squats

I haven't done a KB Circuit in forever and was glad we had the chance to do it. I am sore, though. I used a 25lb KB and was struggling. Dan tried to make me feel better by saying I was just tired from working, but I was probably just being wimpy. I did finish everything though and the 25lb KB felt like the right weight. Overall, a good WOD.

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