Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Hey!

So, I have been absent from the blog as of late. I know my posts are getting fewer and far between. Hopefully that will get better, but only if work gets better and I am not there 12 hours a day, literally. Anyway, here is a recap of the past week, starting with Saturday, 19 September.

Saturday, 19 September

WOD: KB Circuit

5 Rounds with Active Rest (High Pulls) of:

Swing/Push Press
Upper Cut
Hand to Hand Squats

I do enjoy the KB Circuit and it has been awhile since I got to do one. I used a 30lb KB, which felt good till about the last round where it was questionable if I was going to catch it at all. I didn't knock anyone out, so that was good.

Friday, 18 September: Cake Day

Thursday, 17 September:

WOD: 7 Rounds of

Weighted Pull-Ups
Max Rep Floor Press
20 Supine Ball Throw

I didn't do any wight for the Pull-Ups but I did all of them kipping. I didn't use Ol' Blue at all. I am kind of proud of that. Soon I will be on to dead hang. Watch out! I used 40lb dumbbells for the floor press. My max reps went down drastically with each round. I used the 16lb medicine ball for the Ball Throws. This was not a timed WOD.

Wednesday, 16 September: Rest Day (and Cake Day)

Tuesday, 15 September: I don't remember and it isn't posted. Must have been a good one.

Monday, 14 September


3 Times:

250m Row while partner holds KB in Rack position

Ball Slams while partner stays in Plank

Wall Balls while partner stays in Wall Sit position

SDLHP while partner does 5lb Steering Wheels

3 Times:
250m Row while partner holds KB in Rack position

I hate this workout. I hate everything about it. Well, except my partner. I hate holding the KBs in Rack because I can't breathe properly. I started out with the 32lb ones but moved to 20s because of the breathing issue. The Ball Slams aren't bad. I think we used a 20 lb ball, but I can't be sure. If not, then it was a 16lb. We used a 16lb ball for Wall Balls and did 65lb for the SDLHPs. I believe we used a 10lb plate for the Steering Wheels. We finished in over 30 minutes. I hate this WOD. Hate it.

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