Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Those Burpees Suck and Then Some

Ok, before I hear it from my mother who may or may not know about this blog and read it on occasion to know that I am alive and well enough to workout, I would like to say that the workout title uses the word "suck" and it is not me, honest. Ah, I hear her telling me right now that polite ladies do not use words like that and I should know better. Oh mom, I miss you.

Anyway, here was yesterday's WOD.

Monday, 21 September

WOD: Those Burpees Suck and Then Some

800m Run
10 Pull-Ups
20 KB Swings
30 Box Jumps
40 Push Ups (10 Dive Bombers, 10 Diamond, 10 Regular, 10 Superman)
50 Sit Ups
20 Burpees
10 Pull-Ups
800m Run

This WOD went well. I probably could have done it a little faster, but that is ok. I did kipping Pull-Ups for all of them. I am still having a hard time doing more than one in a row, but I am sure I will get it eventually. I used the 30lb KB for the swings and the tallest box for the Box Jumps. That slowed me down a bit, simply because it is a tall box and I am a short round. I did the Dive Bombers ok, but had to do modified Diamond Push-Ups. I am unable to do Superman Push-Ups as of yet, so I did 20 regular ones instead. The Sit-Ups were fine, the Burpees did suck (oops, sorry mom), and the last 10 Pull-Ups were the last 10 Pull-Ups. I finished in 23:12.

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  1. Mrs B. I will inform your mother that you are nothing shy of a proper/polite lady inside and outside of the gym..