Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Life sure gets in the way of blogging. I guess that is good. It gives you something to blog about. I have missed way too many WODs to update from the last post, plus someone keeps forgetting to post the WODs so I can't remember them anyway. No, not you Jason. The other one. Le sigh.

Tuesday, 20 October



5 reps 2 rounds
5 reps 1 round
3 reps 1 round
2 reps 1 round
5 reps 1 round

Increase weight at each level.

Then a ridiculous dumbbell workout that I can't remember.

For the Deadlift, I started at 95lbs and worked my way up to 185lbs. I think that is the max I can do if I have to do more than one. I was really careful not to hurt my back. I especially enjoyed the cue used in CrossFit Kids when teaching them Deadlifts: Angry Gorilla Back. Make sure your back is in that same position as an angry gorilla. Helped me remember it every time.

The dumbbell workout was 7 rounds of different movements that included Hang Power Cleans, Push Press, Push Jerk, and Clean and Jerk. I used 25lb dumbbells. I didn't really care for this WOD.

Monday, 19 October: Sick Day/Rest Day

Saturday, 17 October

WOD: 5 Rounds for time of:

15 Hang Squat Clean 135lb
30 Push-Ups

We ended up doing this as a partner workout because too many people showed up and there weren't enough barbells and weights. We did 75lbs for the HSC, doing 5 reps and switching. When we weren't doing the HSCs, we did V-Ups, V-Sits or Berry Pickers, which happen to be my new fave. I had to do modified Push-Ups because my hands are just killing me. Stinkin' job. I may or may not have a repetitive stress injury. I should probably get it looked at. Anyway, we finished in 23:18. Not too shabby being that I was the weakest of our team and went slower with that weight. I don't care, though because I made it through without having to go down in weight. Neat-o mosquito.

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