Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stop Whining and Start Kettlebelling!

Apologies for my absence again. The last week has been a bit rough. CrossFit cures what ails you though!

Tuesday, 6 October


Max Effort Hang Power Snatch

5 minute Rest

200 KB Swings for Time

I have a rough time with doing the Snatch movement. My grip is never wide enough and I am not confident enough in my ability to go any wider than I do now, even with a lighter weight. Practice I guess. Anyway, I managed to do two rounds of 3 at 75lbs. The last round of 3 I failed and bailed. My favorite part of the workout was this soundbyte:

"She's angry and swearing? Sounds like Mrs. B."

The 200 KB swings were not as bad as I thought they were going to be. I used the 30lb KB and completed them in 13:06.

Monday, 5 October: Rest Day

Sunday, 4 October: Ran the Army 10 Miler, because who doesn't want to run 10 miles? I finished a minute faster than last year without even training this time. Thanks, CrossFit.

Saturday, 3 October

WOD: Tabata This!

20 seconds Work/10 seconds Rest for 8 Rounds each of:


This was delightfully easy. Good thing too, I was tiiiirrrrred. I didn't keep track of my reps, but I did try to do at least 5 Kipping Pull-Ups for each round of that. I did it mostly too.

Friday, 2 October


For Time:
25 Walking Lunge
20 Pull-Ups
50 Box Jumps
20 Double Unders
25 Ring Dips
20 Knees to Elbows
30 KB Swings
30 Sit-Ups
20 Hang Squat Cleans
25 Back Extensions
30 Wall Balls
3 Rope Climbs

This was a good one. I did all Kipping Pull-Ups, used the 24 inch box for the jumps, and did Jumping Ring Dips. I used a 30lb KB for the Swings and 25lb dumbbells for the Squat Cleans. I also upped my Wall Ball weight to 16lbs. And, as per usual, I climbed the net. I don't remember how long it took me to complete this but I think it was like 33 minutes or something.

Thursday, 1 October: Rest Day

Wednesday, 30 September

WOD: Four Rounds for Time of:

400m Run
20 Pull-Ups
1 Net Climb
200m Farmer's Carry

Holy Failed Grip Batman! This one was a doozy. I used Ol' Blue for the Pull-Ups this time. The Net Climbs were ok, although I thought I was going to fall on the second round. I didn't, thanks for asking. The Farmer's Carry was horrible. I started out with 30lb dumbbells but then had to move to 25, and then eventually 20s I think. I don't remember. I am trying to block out the memory. Jason said this should have been completed in 40 minutes. I finished in 41:26. Almost.

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