Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So yesterday's WOD was a bit of a rerun of Monday. You see, Monday for a warm-up we did a light KB Circuit, 3 rounds 1 min work/30 sec active rest (5 KB Push-Ups). Yesterday's was eerily similar.

Tuesday, 3 November


M.E. Push Press: 3-3-3-1-1-1

KB Circuit: 3 Rounds, 1 minute work/30 seconds active rest (5 KB Push-Ups)
High Pulls
Reverse Lunges

So my ME Push Press is now 135. I attempted 145 but didn't quite make it. For the KB Circuit I used a 30 lb KB. I think I will be able to move up soon. We'll see. I still am unable to do the KB Push-Ups properly, but that is alright. I do what I can and they still work pretty well.

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