Friday, May 29, 2009

Muscle-Ups of Destiny!

So, Jason is teaching us how to do Muscle-Ups. He started us out this week with a modified version, starting on your knees and pulling up into the Ring Dip position. This proved to work well for me seeing as I can do minimal Pull-Ups and Ring Dips without modification. Anyway, Muscle-Ups were included in yesterday's WOD.

Thursday, 28 May


30sec Work/30sec Rest with 5 perfect Push-Ups, 2 Rounds

GHD Sit-Ups
Static Ring Hold
Right Plank
Left Plank
Front Plank
Flutter Kicks

I only included this because I liked this warm up and it was the first time I was able to do static ring holds ever. Plus, I did true Push-Ups as well. Neat.


5 Rounds for Time:

5 Muscle-Ups (Or, 7 modified Muscle-Ups and 5 Jumping Ring Dips)
10 Box Jumps
15 Burpees
1 Net Climb

I did the modified version of the Muscle-Ups and was quite surprised to be able to do all of the Jumping Ring Dips. Admittedly, they got weaker by the 5th round but I still did them. I also found a flow to the Burpees where I can do them at a consistent pace, taking minimal breaks. That being said, I still hate them. Net Climbs and Box Jumps, however, went just fine. I finished in 26:14.

Afterwards we did some abs and Jason showed us a crazy ab exercise where you hand from the net by your feet and try to touch your toes. CRAZY. I want to try it again though. Maybe next time I won't feel like I am going to black out from hanging upside down for so long.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There's No Crying in CrossFit!

The WOD we did today makes me extremely frustrated and mad every time we do it. We don't do it that often, but still, I have a hard time doing 2 of the 3 exercises. When I get really mad and frustrated, I cry. However, since there is no crying in CrossFit, I yell and swear and look mean.

Tuesday, 26 May


For Time:


Handstand Push Ups
Ring Dips
Push Ups

I started on the Ring Dips so we could rotate evenly. I actually was able to do the modified Ring Dips with my legs out for the first round and half of the second. I had to move them into chair position for the rest. Those are getting better. I also managed to do one real ring dip at the beginning. Impressive, I know. The Push-Ups weren't too bad and I only did a few modified ones of those. The Handstand Push Ups...well, they need some work. I'll leave it at that. I finished in 20:33 or something like that. I had a hard time listening because I was pretty mad at the Handstand Push Ups and my wimpy shoulders/arms/wrists.

Monday's WOD was a good way to get back into it after the not-Zone approved weekend I had in Chicago that involved Chicago style deep dish pizza and a lot of beer.

Monday, 25 May--Lest We Forget

WOD: Mr. Joshua

For Time:

5 Rounds Of:
400m Run
30 GHD Sit-Ups
15 Dead Lifts 250lbs

As mentioned before, because we have only one GHD machine, we have to share it. I did two rounds of 30 GHD Sit-Ups on the machine and used the Ab-Mat for the rest. I did 105lbs for the Dead Lifts. I finished in 27:39.