Saturday, August 22, 2009

Psh, Please

So the last few days have been good at the gym. I always love playing Hoover Ball no matter how much my elbows hurt.

Friday, 21 August

WOD: Hoover Ball

We played for almost two hours. About 10 minutes in, I caught a ball the twisted my arm in such a way that it makes my tendinitis or whatever it is occur, rendering said arm basically useless. At least it was my left arm. Still fun!

Thursday, 20 August


Max Effort Box Squat

5 Rounds of:

400m Run
6 Traveling Burpees
1 Rope Climb
20 Ball Slams

I did not care for the Max Effort Box Squats. It hurt my shoulders more than anything else. Maybe I will go down in weight next time to work on form, but where you have to hold the bar, I don't know if that will help. We'll see. I prefer regular squats.

The rest of the workout went well. It was HOT out. Not good conditions for running, but you know, I manned up and got through it. The traveling Burpees were not too bad sand I am glad we only had to do six. I managed to do all 5 Rope Climbs using the "monkey method" on the net. I don't have a better term for it, but it is where you climb the net using only one section, going straight up. It is faster I think. Anyway, my grip didn't fail, even on the last one, so that is cool. I used a 16lb ball for the Ball Slams. I don't know my time but I took minimal breaks and felt absolutely wretched afterwards, meaning I probably did alright. I hope the heat here goes away soon. It is making outdoor portions of WODs awful.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hang Clean Tough

Tuesday's WOD was challenging but not so challenging that I wanted to die during it. However, I did feel mutinous when we were told we EACH had to row a total of 2000m, not 2000m total.

Tuesday, 18 August


M.E. Hang power Cleans


Row 250
(for a total of 2000m EACH)

The Hang Power Cleans went well. I made it up to 95lbs, which is a new max for me on these. However, I wasn't as explosive as I needed to be with the movement, so I was just a bit slow. I could do 85lbs easily and wanted to finish with 95. Hopefully these will continue to improve.

The partner part went well. I tried to keep it at 2:00 or under for the Rowing/500m and was fairly consistent. The Wall-Walks hurt after awhile and gave me a headache. To combat this, I did Wall Planks (plank position with your feet on the wall instead of the ground. Muy bueno. You should try it. Wear a mouth guard) twice. I am guessing we finished in about 20 minutes. Probably under, but not by much.

And then I rested on Wednesday, which was for the best since I am missing some skin on my right hand and they did a KB workout which wouldn't have helped that at all. Sweet. It is right in the palm too. Seriously. Who does that?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Angie Keeps Me Running

I felt particularly good during the WOD yesterday, minus the skin being ripped from my hand during the Pull-Ups. It's all good though. I have to figure out how I am going to handle a bar today. Ouch!

Monday, 17 August

WOD: Angie with a Run

For Time:

400m Run
400m Run
100 Push-Ups
400m Run
100 Sit-Ups
400m Run
100 Squats

I used Ol' Blue for the Pull-Ups and did them all. I did mostly true Push-Ups, but had to switch to modified on occasion. The Sit-Ups and Squats helped me make up time I lost doing the other 2. The runs went actually pretty well too. I finished in 36:07.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I finally made it to a Saturday workout after about a month off due to work.

Saturday, 16 August


Max Effort Deadlift


4 Rounds for Time of:

10 Ring Dips
15 Push-Ups

My max effort on deadlifts was 185. I am not sure if that is my new max or not, but it was at least close in weight to the last time I did them.

For the rounds, I did box HSPU, but Dan showed me how to do them using the bands so next time I will do those. I did Jumping Ring Dips and they are getting oretty good. I hope I can do real ones soon. I did true Push-Ups for each round and finished in 10:58. Coolio.