Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New OHS Max

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love Overhead Squats? No? Well, guess what. I love Overhead Squats. A lot. They just happened to be part of yesterday's WOD.

Tuesday, 24 November


M.E. Overhead Squats

As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 Minutes of:

5 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Wall Ball Cleans
15 Burpees

The Overhead Squats were awesome. My new max is 100lbs. I think I have done up to 95lbs, but my last record of this is 75lbs and that was months ago. Anyway, I am glad to break into triple digits.

The rest of the WOD was awesome as well. I did modified Handstand Push-Ups off the box and the Wall Ball Cleans and Burpees went alright. I almost, but not quite, finished 5 rounds. I was 5 Burpees shy. I hate it when that happens. Overall, a good workout. Welcome back Jason!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wet is Only a Feeling... don't mean anything.

So yesterday was miserable both weather wise and WOD-wise (mostly because of the weather).

Monday, 23 November

WOD: Wet is Only a Feeling

1 Mile Run
100 KB Swings
50L/50R One Arm KB Deadlifts
20 KB Cleans and 5 Presses x 4 each arm L/R
50L/50R Turkish Sit-Ups
1Mile Run

It was rainy and wet and cold, so the runs were horrible. I used a 30lb KB for the Swings and Deadlifts and the first round of Cleans and Presses. I had to go down to a 25lb KB for the rest of the Cleans and Presses and I used a 15lb KB for the Turkish Sit-Ups, which I rather enjoyed.

This was for time but I don't know what my time was. I'll just say SLOW.