Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feel The Burn!

It has been a few days since my last update. I took a couple of days off to delve into the awesomeness that is cake. Oh, and I also started a new job. It has been busy. Before we get into it though, I found this quite hilarious.

Anyway, let's go, shall we?

Friday, 22 January

WOD: Complete each group of exercises twice, AMRAP in 5 minutes of each. Total workout time:20 minutes.

Group 1:
20 Box Jumps
20 Push Presses (65/950
20 Push Ups

Group 2:
20 KB Swings
20 Clean and Press (10L/10R)
10 KB Snatches (5L/5R)

This was a rough workout. I used the tallest box for Box Jumps. Those slowed me down because I basically need a step stool to get off the darn thing without hurting myself. I managed to use it the whole WOD though. I used 65# for the Push Presses and did modified Push-Ups. I am getting back to doing true Push-Ups but we did 150 the day before and my arms were BEAT! At least my wrists don't hurt as much.

For the KB portion, I switch between a 16kg and 30# KB. I have a hard time pressing the 16kg KB, so for the Clean and Press I used the 30#. In the last round I tried the 16kg KB and was able to do it. I am not sure if I could have made it through the entire WOD with the 16kg though. We'll see next time.  This was a tough one!

Thursday, 21 January


ME Clean and Jerk

5 Rounds for Time of:
30 Push-Ups
Waiter's Walk
30 Squats

I always am unsure of myself with Cleans. I started with 65# to warm up and went up from there. My last rep was with 115# and it took me quite a few tries plus some motivational inspiration from Drew to actually complete it. It was good.

For the rest of the WOD, I did as many true Push-Ups as I could. I think I did about 50 before reverting to modified. I used a 35# dumbbell for the Waiter's Walk. Squats were pretty easy. It was the first time I could do a workout this week without pain, thanks to the wonderful Frog Hop WOD we did the past Saturday. I don't know how long it took me because the Timer didn't start the clock or something. I don't know. It could have taken more than 12 minutes though.

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