Friday, April 2, 2010

A Burpee History Lesson

A lesson in Burpees. they were probably invented by Lt. Thomas Burpee, a militiaman in the American Revolution. Here he is: that I think about it...he died in 1839, which was slightly before a photo of this quality could have been taken so it may really not be him after all. Oh, and he is wearing Civil War period attire. And the Civil War didn't happen till 1861. No matter, there really was a Thomas Burpee. Read about the Real Thomas Burpee here.

Upon further investigation, that is a picture of A Thomas Burpee but not THE Thomas Burpee. Neat.

So I know it has been a few days, but things have been crazy around my neck of the woods. Also, from now on, I am going to try to complete every WOD without any modifications because I am going for my Level I Cert (woot woot!) in June and I want to be sure I can do everything they need me to. So far, my times have taken a hit but I have been able to finish without mods, so it is all good.

Thursday, April 1


Bench Press


Double Unders

This wasn't so bad, though I do hate Bench. I did 115 for my working sets. Not too bad but I seem to be stuck on this. Oh well. It is still more than I have ever been able to do in my life.

Annie didn't go badly either. I did all Double Unders and the sit-Ups were easy. I finished in 13:40.

Wednesday, March 31


50 Bulgarian Pull-Ups
Short Lap
50 Wall Balls
Short Lap
50 KB Swings
Short Lap
Short Lap

This was a but tough. I did all the Bulgarian Pull-Ups with my feet on the tallest box, but it took me awhile. I used a 12lb ball for the Wall Balls, a 16kg KB for the Swings, and 65lbs fro the SDLHP. I finished in 23:13.

Tuesday, March 30


Front Squat

5 Rounds of:
30 Push-Up
Waiter's Walk
30 Squats

Front Squat went well. I can't remember the last time we did them, so it was good. I made it up to 135, but I think I could have done more. The rest of the WOD went well. I did all true Push-Ups and used a 40lb DB for the Waiter's Walk. I finished in 18:24.

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