Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Not Pain!

So my whole goal of not doing modified movements is going well except that after a couple of WODs that included Pull-Ups my hands now look like this:

I hope no more WODs this week have them. I don't think my hands will make it! At least it gives me a good excuse to not do dishes:-)

Wednesday, 7 April

WOD: Nancy

5 Rounds for Time of:

400m Run
15 OHS

Then: Pull-Up Ladder 1-7-1

Nancy is my favorite workout. I don't know why, I jut love it. I was having a hard time breathing during the runs though. I am chalking it up to the plus 80 degree temps and the pollen in the air. Hopfully my body will adjust soon. I used 75lbs for the OHS and finished in 20:40. That is only slightly slower than my previous time and I was using heavier weight. Coolio. Then we did the Pull-Up Ladder which tore up my hands. See the picture above.

Tuesday, 6 April

I didn't make it out of work in time to go to the gym so I decided to run instead. This was the first time I have run on my own volition in over a year. Guess what. I still hate running.

Monday. 5 April

WOD: For Time:

10 DB Clean and Jerks, 1 Pull-Up
9 DB C&J, 2 Pull-Ups
8 DB C&J, 3 Pull-Ups
7 DB C&J, 4 Pull-Ups
6 DB C&J, 5 Pull-Ups
5 DB C&J, 6 Pull-Ups
4 DB C&J, 7 Pull-Ups
3 DB C&J, 8 Pull-Ups
2 DB C&J, 9 Pull-Ups
1 DB C&J, 10 Pull-Ups

So the Pull-Ups were supposed to be weighted, but I feel that my hindquarters provide enough weight for me on Pull-Ups, at least for now. I think maybe next time I can add at least 5 lbs to the Pull-Ups. I used 30lb DB for the C&J and finished in 27:18.

Saturday, 3 April

We did Tabata Something Else. It was rad.

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