Friday, April 9, 2010

Whining Won't Make It Easier

For whatever sick reason, I have been at the gym a lot this week. Also, whining about WODs won't make them easier. Just sayin'.

Friday, 9 April

WOD: Chop Till You Drop

AMRAP in 25 Minutes

Partner1: 20 Burpees
Partner 2: 10 Hammer Swings/10 Tire Jumps/10 Tie Push-Ups

This one is my fave as always but the Burpees make it harder. I think we got through almost 5 whole rounds. Yes, that is 100 Burpees. Boo hoo.

Thursday, 8 April:


Bench Press

3 Rounds of:
400m Run
20 KB Reverse Lunges
50ft Marching Shoulder Press
1 Rope/Net CLimb

I maxed out at 110lbs on Bench. I can probably do 115 next time. We'll see. Let's not get cocky.

The rest of the WOD went ok. I used a 16kg KB for the lunges and 20lb DBs for the Marching Shoulder Press. the hard thing about the Marching Shoulder Press is to keep your weight on your heels the whole time. You tend to want to come up on your back toe with each step. This gets harder the more tired you are and the heavier weight you use, Rope climbs were fine. I finished in 18:06.

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