Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hot Mess

I am not going to lie, I am in pretty bad shape. I have been ordered to take is easy until everything I hurt heals. What did I hurt? It might be better to ask what didn't I hurt. Anyway, I seemed to pull a hammy (oh goody) and a muscle in my ankle. I tried to look it up, but I can't get a good diagram of the leg. Let's just say it is on the outside and it makes every step very difficult. Of course these muscle pulls are both on my right leg. The ankle twist also affected my lower back, as per usual AND with my left wrist, I am just a hot mess. Hence, I need to take it easy for awhile.

Yesterday we did OHS, which I can never resist. I went super light. My max was 85lbs and then I went back down to 65. I tried some false grip pull ups, but stopped after a few because my wrist can't handle it yet. So frustrating.

Today we did and hero WOD:


3 Rounds
800m Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit Ups

I rowed 1000m instead of running and it felt good. I didn't over do it. The back extensions and sit ups were easy. I finished in about 25 minutes. That isn't a hard and fast time because I was teaching this morning and had to stop a few times to help. I usually don't like working out when I am teaching but I have some very important cakes to bake tonight, so I can't go back!

Cakes for whom, you ask? Matt and Kari of course!!!! They are getting married on Saturday! Hurray!


  1. Use this upcoming week as your CrossFit Rx'd rest week. Sounds like you need it. Good luck with your recovery.

  2. Thanks Dave. I took it pretty easy last week (minus doing Fran Friday night). This week will be about the same. My ankle and hammy feel better and the wrist is getting there. DTM stays on me about not doing too much. What a good guy:-)