Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ribbit Ribbit

Ouch. That is all I have to say.

Saturday, 16 January

WOD: 5 Rounds for Time

50m Frog Hop
50m Sprint
30 Lateral Hops (15L/15R)
25m Senders

This is basically what it sounds like. Senders are simply obstacles you have to jump over and they included things like the fight pads stacked on top of each other, benches, and box jump boxes. I managed to Sprint every round. I also finished dead last at 32:26, emphasis on dead.

That's me holding on for dear life.

Friday, 15 January

WOD: Nancy

5 Rounds for Time of:
400m Run
15 OHS

This is absolutely my favorite. I did 65# for the OHS. Running was hard for me as my hips/lower back seized up during the second round and didn't ever un-seize. I have no idea why, I haven't  had back trouble in a long time. It definitely slowed me down and by the last round I was hobbling. I still finished in 18:02. My best is 17:25. Next time I will improve.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Bruises, Bruises Everywhere

So this past week has been slightly rough for the Bukowski household. DTM's car is on the brink of collapse and so he has been using mine. He has also had a very busy week, so I have been stuck at home a lot. This is fine, because I get to make things. Head on over to the Lonely Baker to see what. I will admit know that what I make directly effects the benefits of CrossFit in a bad way. Too bad!

Yesterday's workout was not my favorite. It included Bench Press which I absolutely despise. Also, every time we do them, I get these weird bruises on my back from the bench. They don't hurt at all, they are just scary looking.

Thursday, 14 January 


5 Rounds: ME Bench Press Body Weight and Pull-Ups

50ft Farmers Walk
10 Burpees
10 Ball Slams
50 ft Farmer's Walk
9 Burpees
9 Ball Slams...
50 ft Farmer's Walk
1 Burpee
1 Ball Slam

Like I said before, I hate Bench Press. Also, to do ME Body Weight Bench Press is crazy. First off, I can barely do 1 rep of my body weight in Bench Press, which kind of negates the purpose of Max Effort, unless I wanted to do 1 rep each round. I guess that would have made it go faster. Anyway, I started with 95 lbs, did rounds 2-4 with 105 lbs, then went back down to 95 lbs to try to correct my form. I have horrible Bench Press form. Every time we do Bench Press Matt has to correct me. I used Ol' Blue for the Pull-Ups. The rest of the WOD was fine. I used 40lb dumbbells for the Farmer's Walk and whichever ball was closer to me for Ball Slams. It was usually the 16# ball. I finished that portion in 12:03.

Wednesday, 13 January

WOD: 5 Rounds for Time

400m Run/ 500m Row
30 Box Jumps
30 KB Swings

This one was good, though oddly reminiscent of the awful "Hansen" WOD that we were forced to do back in...well, I don't know when. I blocked it out of my memory. I ran 4 of the rounds and rowed 1. The box jumps were good but slow. I tried to pace myself so I wouldn't have to take breaks. It worked pretty well. I used a 30# kb for the swings and really concentrated on form because my back was killing me from running. That is what happens when I don't run enough. I finished in 37:43. Jason said that I looked exceptionally angry during this WOD. Duh. I was working out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ba-ba-ba Ba-baaaaaarbara Ann!

Barbara has always been a tough WOD. Yesterday was no different. It let me blow off some frustration, though, and that is always a good thing.

Monday, 11 January

WOD: Barbara

5 Rounds, each for time of:

20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Squats

3 minute rest between rounds

You are, in fact, supposed to keep track of how fast you do each round. Unfortunately, I have no means of doing this. I really need to get my watch fixed. Anyway, Matt had us mix up the types of Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, and Sit-Ups we did. I varied my Pull-Ups between Ol' Blue, Rows, and Jumping. For the Push-Ups I did modified regular ones and Diamonds. PS, diamonds are NOT a girl's best friend. For the Sit-Ups I changed between regular Sit-Ups, Berry Pickers, and Obliques. I finished in 35:43. My previous best was 37 minutes flat. Cool.

And now for a Barbara that EVERYBODY loves:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Championship Belt?

Some days this is how I feel:

Saturday was one of those days.

Saturday, 9 January

WOD: Fight Gone Bad, 5 Rounds for the Championship Belt:

1 minute of each exercise, 1 minute rest between rounds

Wall Balls
Box Jumps
Push Press

My goal was to accomplish at least 10 reps of each exercise in each round. Not hard at first, but much harder in the hero rounds. I managed to reach that goal. I used a 12# ball for Wall Balls, 65# for both the SDLHP and Push Presses, the 24 in box for the Jumps (and I managed not to slam my shin into the corner of it this time). I also wanted to row between 2:10 and 2:15/500m for the rowing. I managed to do that as well, sometimes even being below (or above?) 2:10. Apparently due to my awesomeness, the Russian Judge awarded me the Championship Belt, previous held by the one and only Marcus. Sorry Marcus.

Friday, 8 January

WOD: AMRAP in 30 Minutes of:
P1:                                                                P2:
20 KB Snatches (10/l0R)                              5 Burpees
20 KB Clean and Press (10L/10R)               10 Push-Ups
20 KB Swings                                              15 Squats

Poor Jason. Everyone and their brother showed up to the 5:00 class and there weren't enough weights to do what he originally wanted, so he modified it to make it as equally challenging/terrible. I used a 30# KB for this and it was rough. I ended up having to do Push Presses when it came time for me to do Clean and Press. I could do a few straight presses, but then my shoulder got tired, even after I broke them down into sets of 5. That is ok, though. I finished with the 30# KB. It is nice to be feeling back to as normal I can be. The "active rest" of Burpees, Push-Ups, and Squats were miserable because I have done more than my fair share of Push-Ups this week. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Thursday, 7 January

ME Deadlift

Chop Til You Drop
P1:                                   P2:
20 Box Jumps                  10 Sledge Hammer Swings
10 Ring Dips                    10 Tire Push-Ups
1 Net Climb                     10 Tire Jumps

I love this WOD mostly because I like using a sledge hammer for just about anything. Anyway, the Deadlifts went alright and I did 185# for my 5 rep ME. Dave was nice enough to stay and be my partner for the 6:00 class, even though he had already done the 5:00 class.  I did not do so well on the Chop Til You Drop. I was incredibly tired, but I pushed through anyway, you know, for the Sledge Hammers. If you are ever my partner in this WOD, my rule is that even if you finish your part before I am done with my sledge hammer swings, you are going to have to wait until I finish them. Comprende?