Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We Want to Pump You Up!

Tuesday morning was my very early debut as a CrossFit instructor. I was a bit nervous, as per usual, but everything went well, even though I accidentally erased half of that day's WOD that had been pre-written for me on the whiteboard before I noticed/realized what it was was. I never claimed I wasn't a bit of a ditz. Plus it was early. Anyway, I had a workout in mind that I wanted to do and proceeded with that.

Tuesday, 26 January


ME Shoulder Press


3 Rounds for Time of:
30 KB Swings
30 Burpees
30 Sit-Ups

Shoulder Presses are hard for me since there is no dip in the movement. This means I have to do significantly less weight than I would if we were doing Push Press. My goal was to not Push Press any of the reps. I started with 45# and worked my way up to 75# for the first working set. I had to scale back to 70# to meet my goal, but I did it. I was pretty pleased. 

The rest of the WOD was hard and fast. I used a 16kg KB for the swings. 90 Burpees are no fun no matter who you are, but I got through them. The Sit-Ups were fine as well. I finished in 16:56

I must say, Barry has impeccable Burpee form. I think I am going to model any coach strategy after these guys:

All I need is the belt.

Monday, 25 January

WOD: Partner Barbara

2 Rounds:
First Round, pace off 500m Row
Second Round, pace off reps

CF1 20 Pull-Ups
       30 Push-Ups
       40 Sit-Ups
       50 Squats
CF2 Row 500m

Ok, again on this WOD I had a blonde moment. I didn't quite catch that we were doing 2 rounds and therefore made my partner do an inordinate amount of Push-Ups during the first round, while I Rowed way more than 500m. Whoops! Anyway, the first round we did Jumping Pull-Ups and the second round we did Dead Hang Pull-Ups. Well, actually, I did Kipping Pull-Ups because that is all I can do. Throughout this whole workout I managed to do true Push-Ups, so that was cool. The Sit-Ups and Squats were fine. Those are my strengths. We finished in 36:11. That time is not completely accurate due to my screw up. We did, however, make up a lot of ground in the second round. I liked this WOD even though I completely despise Rowing.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Love KettleBells

Many times on Saturdays we do KettleBell Circuits. I really like them. The past few times we have done them, I've been trying to get through the whole thing with a 16kg KB. It has been going alright so far.

Saturday, 23 January

WOD: KettleBell Circuit

5 Rounds 1 minute Work/30 seconds Active Rest (BURPEES) of:

KB Swings
Figure 8 Catches
Clean, Squat, Press Complexes

Like I said before, I used a 16kg KB for the entire thing. It makes me extremely tired extremely quickly, but I want to get to the point where I can do the whole thing with minimal breaks. I know I will get there eventually. Anyway, we could do whatever swings we liked, but I just stuck with the regular ones. All the fancy schmancy stuff hurts my wrists unbelievably. The Figure 8 Catches were a new movement that wasn't hard, but it was backwards from the Figure 8 Hot Potatoes, so remembering to do them correctly was tricky. I was glad to do the Clean, Squat, Press because it gave me a chance to see if I could do the whole movement at that weight. I could, but slowly. Anyway. I liked the WOD.

In other news, I think we should start incorporating this movement/uniform in our KB Circuits:

Love the boots.