Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Keep Swimming.

Usually we reserve KB Circuits for Saturdays to keep things semi-normal at CFTC. However, I detest KB Circuits and refuse to do them when I have the choice, so I thought Saturday would be ideal for a Filthy Fifty. Also on Saturday I had a cake due for a friend and client, and I was just going to meet her at the gym, do the cake exchange, and then get ready for the morning class. Here is how my plan worked out:

1) Wake up at 7am, put the finishing touches on the cake. Copy down the WOD to post on the white board. Get ready to go.

2) Take my car key off my key ring so I can turn on the car to cool it down so the cake's icing won't melt. Take my first load of stuff down to the car.

3) Unlock car. Throw purse, which contains my cell phone and all important information in the back seat with my gym back and some other assorted goods. Turn on car. This is where my plan came to a screeching halt.

Before I shut the door to return to the house to get the cake, I locked the door. With the car running. And my purse with my cell phone in the back seat. This was approximately at 9:12 and I was supposed to be at the gym to deliver the cake at 9:20. Awesome. Also, DTM was at a class and wouldn't be home till 1:00pm. In the words of everyone in Battlestar Galactica "FRAK!"

So, I sprinted up to my computer, got my friend's cell phone number and the gym owner's number and sprinted to the nearest gas station, who's ever friendly and helpful attendant told me I would have to go to the customer service desk at the grocery store it is affiliated with. So I sprint there.

No one would help me, even though I looked panicked stricken and possessed. Finally, a nice person told me how to call out of the building after I commandeered a phone and started trying to call the people I needed. I called my friend and asked her to come by the apartment to get the cake, which I HADN'T locked in the car, thank goodness. Then I called the owner and explained what I did. He seemed unconcerned.

Then I sprinted back to my apartment to wait for my friend, only to see that a garbage truck was outside my building and I asked one of the guys if he knew how to unlock my car (I had gone up to get a coat hanger to try to open it myself). He said he didn't but another guy working did. When that guy showed up, he said he could usually do it but he didn't have his tool on him that day. REALLY?!?!?!?! ACK!!! My friend came and got the cake. She very nicely let me use her phone to call my other friend so I could ask if he could open the gym and get everyone started. He said he would. Then my friend lent me her spare cell so I could call someone for help. She is so great!

I needed AAA's number (not aware that I could call 800-AAA-HELP) but, of course, my card was locked in the car. I tried looking it up on the internetz. No dice. I tried called the Fairfax County police who were not very helpful at all since no one was locked in the car. Finally I called DTM, even though I knew he was in class, about 167 times until he picked up. He gave me the number and I called AAA and they sent a very nice young man to come help me. I made it to the gym at about 10:45.

Overall a superior morning.

I didn't get to do Saturday's WOD.

I did, however, do today's WOD:

Monday, 19 July

KB Circuit
5 Rounds: 1 minute work/30 sec active rest

Upper Cuts
Reverse Lunges

I used a 16kg KB. It was rough.