Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fran PR

Because I haven't been as active at the gym as normal, I have tried to fill the gap with reading CF Journal articles and blogs about CF and Paleo and such. Not quite the same, though it helped. When I don't work out, I get pretty antsy because I have extra energy to burn off, especially since I sit at a computer all day at work. Anyway, during my various perusing, I found that many CF women have started blogging about how they would rather be strong that skinny and I have to say that I am among those ranks now. For years and years I worried about my weight and how I looked. Being a "short round," I have a hard time finding pants and such that fit. I must admit that I still worry about my weight and such now occasionally, but honestly, when I think about how much better I feel and how much more fit I am, the worry lessens. I mean, when I started CrossFit nearly 2 years ago, I was having migraines at least once every week. Since CrossFit and changing my diet, I haven't had one. I am also stronger than I have ever been in my life. My endurance is ridiculous. And I discovered my passion for true fitness. If I had never found CrossFit (thanks Dave!), I never would have been satisfied with my body. Now I am amazed at what it can do!

So, in that tone of amazement, I give you my new Fran as Rxed time: 5:53. Boo to the Yah!