Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nancy PR

So the resting continues but I am feeling better, minus my legs because of a horrible, terrible workout on Saturday that included Frog Hops and Lateral Hops. It was terrible, though I did it faster (22 minutes) than last time (32 minutes.)

This is how I have been feeling since Saturday:

But before that horrible workout I managed to PR on Nancy (5 Rounds of 400m Run, 15 OHS 65#.) 16:01, previous best 17:25. That is pretty rockin'!

In other news, my hammy and my ankle are feeling better. My wrist is trying to decide whether to get better or not. Some days it feels great and then I try to do something unmodified and it starts yelling at me. Whatevs. It is getting there. As soon as I can feel my legs, I should be good to go!