Friday, January 7, 2011

12 Mile Challenge and Barbara

Does anyone else in the DC Metro Area listen to Elliot in the Morning? If so, have you heard the food challenge they are doing? It guess it is called the 12 Mile Challenge and the rule is that you can only eat things you grow/kill within a 12 mile radius of your house. You can't buy anything from the store and if you make something from scratch, it literally has to be from scratch. Like, you grew, harvested, and ground your own wheat for flour. Apparently they are trying to do it for a month. I find that utterly fascinating. The peeps on the show that are still in it (Elliot and Tyler) are pretty hungry, but apparently Tyler caught a squirrel last night and had a tasty dinner. I think I would just have to starve, mostly because this is not the best area ever to hunt/grow things AND I refuse to sacrifice my car in order to "bag a deer." How do you think you'd do?

Anyway, we did a great partner WOD today:

Friday, January 7:

Partner Barbara

P1: Row 500m
P2: 20 Pull Ups
      30 Push Ups
      40 Sit Ups
      50 Squats

Round 1: Pace off the rower
Round 2: Pace off reps

This one was a little tough today because my legs were tired from the OHS yesterday. I like the partner WODs though because it forces you to work harder so you don't kill your partner. Amit came back from the dead (not really, his wife just had a darling baby girl and he has been busy) and was my partner today. We did well, but I don't know our time. I think next time, I will wear this outfit:


  1. How many rounds? 5?

  2. Nah, just 2 since is was a partner WOD.

  3. I may do this tonight since I was a slacker this morning. I am hoping my energy comes back next week. Trying to potty train a toddler is more draining than a week of WODs.