Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today is my rest day. It was actually supposed to be a total day off for me so I could get my house back into shape and run some errands and finally get my cars washed and all those other terribly exciting things that go along with adulthood. I did, however, have to go into work just for a little bit today to work on a project. I am so happy that my day job is only 2 miles away AND right in the middle of all my errands.

Anyway, what do these 2 pictures have in common?

 Yes, yes. Wonder Woman is in both and they are all super heroes, Super Friends, part of the Justice League and so forth.

Those are not the answers I am looking for.

Give up?

They are on my NEW SCHOOL FOLDERS!!!!!!!

Yep, I totally bought some Justice League folders for the two classes I'll be starting on Wednesday. I am nervous and a little scared because 1) I haven't been to school in a long time and 2) They are math and science classes. And I have a BA in History. Math and science are not my strong suit. If you have EVER lifted with me, you know I can rarely accurately add the weight on the bar. I can't even count properly sometimes. So Statistics. And A&P. This should be fun!

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