Monday, January 17, 2011

Da Bear!

Pick up those dumbbells NOW!
Today was a bear of a workout. Thank goodness because that is what it is called. No surprises.

Monday, January 17

The (Dumbbell) Bear Complex

15 minutes, each minute on the minute of:

5 Reps:
Hang Cleans

You have to do these in order, so you can't do 5 Deadlifts, then 5 Hang Cleans, then 5 Thrusters. It has to be one after the other and don't cheat on the Hang Cleans. Do the full Deadlift and then do the Hang Clean. Remember, it is a FULL squat. As you stand up, use that momentum to get the dumbbells over your head, like a Push Press. The faster you do five reps, the more time you have to rest. Talk about some motivation!

I used 25# DB for the complex and I tried very hard to keep the same pace the entire time. I managed to keep it up, but the last few rounds I did a little slower. It was good! I remember when I started CF, I could barely use a 10# DB. Then we rowed a 2k. My goal was to finish in around 8 minutes. I did.

For some sick reason, I decided to do the whole thing again with the 7 am class. This time I used a 15# DB. It was much easier. The row took me about the same time as well.

Overall today was bear-y good!

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  1. I opted to power walk 3 miles that day in 20 degree weather. When I do this workout I use the 8 pounders one time then 10 the next. Whimpy! This is so hard to do but I do like them for hotel workouts since most hotels have dumbells. Then I go eat ice cream!!