Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Head Bone's Connected to the Neck Bone...

I started my Anatomy and Physiology class last night. I am super excited about it! I decided to pursue this new degree because I have no idea how the human body works. That isn't true, I know the basics. Like: You have to eat, breathe, expel waste, blah, blah, blah. However, I am really trying to be more knowledgeable about HOW our bodies function so when someone says "My knee is killing me" I can do better than tell them to rest it (which isn't bad advice, it just isn't specific.) Don't take that the wrong way, I am not interested in being a doctor. I just want to KNOW more. Anyway, because of class, I missed the Grill and Chill to celebrate the new gym! ::sadface::

Today was a great day! I slept in a little since it was Saturday and then started the weekend off right with some Squats.

Totally me. Not.

I love Squats because I am good at them. They are also super good for you and help you develop a tremendous amount of core strength, which you need for everything. Wimpy cores are useless. If you are squatting correctly, your knees should not hurt. If you are not sure what I am talking about, then check out this video from the CrossFit main site:

On Tuesday, my 3 work set max was 170. My goal was to do the 3 work sets at 5 reps each using 175. Mission accomplished! They didn't feel bad at all. I am SO happy! 

The rest of today's WOD was rough, especially after the Squats.

5 Rounds for Time:

10 Lateral Box Jumps
45ft Traveling KB Swings
10 Russian Twists (!0 each side)

Holy Medicine Balls, Batman! It stank! I used the 22in box but a shorter hurdle for the Jumps, a 16kg KB for the Swings, and a 12# ball for the Twists. Not going to lie, my legs were screaming. My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes and I managed to in 30:05. I don't feel too terribly about it because I did spend some time waiting for equipment, as we had SO many people at the gym this morning. A great problem to have!

Yesterday's WOD is a fave:

Thursday, January 13

Kari Partner WOD

3x 250m Row/KB Rack Hold
10, 9, 8...3 Ball Slams/Plank
10, 9, 8...3 SDLHP/Steering Wheels (75/45)
10, 9, 8...3 Burpees/Tire Chops
3x 250m Row/KB Rack Holds

Hannah was my partner and we rocked it! I used 20# KBs for the Holds and tried to keep my Rowing under 2:00/500m and was fairly successful. I used the 20# ball for Slams, 65# for SDLHP, and the 10# sledge hammer for Chops. I tell you what, the Chop/Burpee combo really does a number on your shoulders! We finished in 40:24 or something close to that. 

Ok, enough of this chit chat, I need to go do some homework! Have a great Saturday and check in tomorrow for a delish recipe I made this week. It's totally Paleo/Zone friendly!

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