Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Don't Need No Education

That boy is a P-I-G pig!
Several new things happened to me today.:

1) I put makeup one while in my PARKED car after attempting to put it on at the gym, only to find there is not a mirror in our new restroom yet.

2) I started my first class in my Kinesiology adventure. Statistics. At NOVA Community College. It isn't too bad yet.

3) I truly felt old for the first time in my life.

I went to class after the gym this morning in my hoodie and....wind pants? Athletic pants? I don't know, they're Adidas. I wore them because, you know, it is a statistics class and one has to be comfortable. I had my old Jansport book bag and my sliver glittery calculator and I was all nervous like I was going back to junior high with my giant glasses and wonky teeth. I sat down and looked around and there they were. Barely out of high school in their skin tight jeans and Uggs. No notebooks. No bookbags. No books. Just giant phones and bohemian hair scarves. I overheard them talking while I got out my super cool Justice League folder and purple college-ruled notebook. One of them used the phrase "It's totally dope!" They also used the word "like" WAY too often. That is when I realized I am no longer a "kid." I know I am not old but I am definitely out of the "college" stage of my life. I wonder what my A&P class will be like. This should be interesting!

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