Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rage Against the Washing Machine

Don't be fooled. Not all washing machines are this nice.
Our washing machine has been on the fritz since we moved into this apartment. We really don't know why, but every couple of loads, it dumps large quantities of water on the floor from the bottom. It only happens during the first spin and not after. The Maintenance Guy has come to look at it several times and has told us each time that nothing is wrong. Um, ok. Water flooding the kitchen every other load is totally normal. Thanks, MG! So we just gave up and used towels to soak up whatever it spewed, creating even MORE laundry for me. Yipee.

Enter yesterday, a normal Saturday here at the Bukowski household. I just put in the first load of the day since the Laundry Fairy refuses to visit my house (I am guessing because of the faulty washing machine) and we were buried under mountains of dirty clothes. The most important load always goes in first, so of course it was workout clothes! To wash out nasty workout clothes, I always use hot water. So I get everything started and go work on my first Stats homework assignment. Approximately 15 minutes into the load I hear a strange tinkling of water so I check to see what it going on.

There was water gushing from the machine. GUSHING! It. Was. EVERYWHERE! I had a veritable water park in my kitchen. I stopped the machine and opened the lid to see was had gone wrong only to be greeted by a barrel FULL of scalding hot water and a bunch of clothes soaked in that hot water. The water didn't drain from the first cycle and the machine just kept on going like the Little Engine that Could and tried to do the rinse cycle but there was nowhere for the water to go. The clothes needed to come out but I was not sticking my arm into a hot vat of dirty water, so naturally I fished them all out with my grilling tongs. Genius, I tell you.

We got MG to come look at it. He said it was definitely broken (REALLY? You've got to be kidding me!) and he took it away. We should have a new washer by Tuesday. I am not holding my breath.

I bet you anything that stupid Laundry Fairy is stuck in old machine's drainage tube. That would explain her absence...

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