Thursday, January 6, 2011

Squatting Overhead and the Torture Press

There are two absolutes for me in CrossFit. 1) I absolutely HATE Bench Press and 2) I absolutely LOVE Overhead Squats. This morning we did both.

We started with Bench Press and I worked my way up to 125. That seems to be my max right now, and I need assistance with the last rep always. I have a mental block for this lift that I just can't shake. I don't know how to move past it. I guess the first step would be to start with a better attitude and not be this guy:

Mr. Grumble

For dessert we did OHS. They make me do this:

Not actually me.
I attempted to do my first working set at 125 twice, but failed both times. I lowered the weight to 120 and squeaked out the last one. For my other working sets, I stuck to 115. Towards the end my arms and wrists were more tired than anything else. 115 is my new max for work sets.

Also, for any of you interested in starting/getting back on the Paleo Diet, here is a great post from Practical Paleolithic that can help you get a quick start. Check out their other articles too. Here is another fave about how lifting "like a guy" doesn't make you a She-Hulk.

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