Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hip to be Square

Huey Lewis, you're a lyrical genius!
I went to the doctor's yesterday. She sent me to a chiropractor, who, it turns out, is AWESOME! I am always amazed at how they read the human body. Dr. Davis, the chiropractor, spent exactly 2.3 seconds looking at my lower back and hips, then said "Does it hurt here?" while poking my back in the exact location of the pain. How in the world did he do that? He then proceeded to hook me up to this fabulous machine that shocked my muscles into relaxing. It was like a little massage where NO ONE had to touch me. Fantastic.

They aren't living long and prospering...
He did some spinal manipulation and required me to get some x-rays before doing anything to my lower back just in case something else is wrong. I love x-rays (although I would not recommend doing a search for them on Google Images--creepy). I wish I had the x-ray of my broken collarbone. So. Cool. I go back on Monday. This is good because my muscles started spasming again and I can barely sit today. In fact, I am standing in the kitchen with the computer on the washer typing this. Classy.

I took yesterday off from the gym to try to rest my back a little. Today I was very careful, since it was a lifting day.

Thursday, February 3


Bench Press

Ring Dips

I went super light on the Deadlifts, trying 115, but moving back down to 95 for my 1 work set of 5 reps. I also did not go as heavy on Bench Press either, again doing 95 for my 3 work sets for 5 reps. Awesome. I always wanted to be able to Bench my Deadlift weight. ::rolls eyes::

The rest of the WOD wasn't too bad. The goal was for the whole class to finish in under 10 minutes and they did! That is exciting! I used the red band for assisted Ring Dips and finished in 7:45.

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