Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tramp Stamp

I took a few days off from the gym this week because I had some other things going on that I needed to attend to rather than working out. It was kind of nice because I got to rest my back a little. Resting it is really sort of irrelevant because it hurts when I dry my hair or put my shoes on, so there you go. DTM bought me a really sexy (read: old lady-ish) heating pad that is made of blue elastic. I can wear it like a belt. SO hot. (HA! See what I did there?) I think he got it for me so I would stop saying I have a tramp stamp:

It's ok to be jealous of my power obliques.
Yeah, that is a Thermacare Heating Pad for your neck and shoulders. It did in a pinch. It also created endless fun for me, because the term "tramp stamp" makes DTM slightly uncomfortable. I am such a good wife.

Anyway, darling DTM bought me not only an electric one but also Thermacare Heating Pads for back and hips. They still feel like a diaper but at least they fit a little better. I did get my x-rays on Saturday and I go back to the chiropractor on Monday so he can check them out and we can fix this baloney. I am looking forward to it! Maybe we'll do Overhead Squats in celebration!

OHS make me smile!

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