Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Unexpected Side Effect

I was the silhouette for these graphics.
I am not a girly girl. I know, it's a shocking revelation. I prefer being involved in athletic pursuits and I don't mind getting dirty. I detest shopping (unless it is for shoes) and I hate tights. I don't mind wearing dresses but I would much rather wear jeans and my skull shoes. I wear makeup and do my hair but only because I am an adult and if I can get away with NOT doing them, then I don't bother. This is just how I am. I do, however, use purses. I don't really like them but I rarely have enough pockets to carry a cell phone, keys, and a wallet, so I use a purse. My old purse has been bothering me for awhile because it keeps slipping off my shoulder and driving me crazy. My laptop bag does this as well. It never used to happen, you know, before this whole CrossFit thing. I just realized why it is happening now. My traps. They are not huge per say, but they make my purse fall off my shoulder and it was driving me MAD. So, I went shopping yesterday for a new one. Don't worry. I got it at Target and it took me approximately 5 minutes to find and evaluate. That is just how I roll. I love it, as much as one can love a purse.

That's right, ladies. Do CrossFit, go purse shopping. Win win.

The last few days at the gym have been spectacular. I have been going for regular chiropractic treatments and besides the minor modifications of no box jumps or high impact lifting, I can pretty much do what I want.

Thursday, February 10

Deadlift/Bench Press

I did 2 reps at 205 today for Deadlifts. This is fantastic, seeing as I haven't been able to keep up my lifting since the pain started. I did have to drop the weight drastically for the working sets, but knowing that I can still lift 205 makes me happy. I did all 3 working sets of Bench at 115#. Next time it will be 117.5. Mwhahahaha!

Wednesday, February 9

Lumberjack 20

20 KB Swings
400m Run
20 Ball Slams
400m Run
20 OHS (95/65)
400m Run
20 Burpees
400m Run
20 Pull Ups
400m Run
20 Box Jumps
400m Run
20 DB Cleans (45)
400m Run

I love this one. Love it. I used a 16kg KB for Swings, 25# ball for Slams, 65# for OHS, the 24 inch box for step ups, and 30# DB for Thrusters (instead of Cleans). I also did all kipping Pull-Ups. I finished in 26:34. The first time I did this WOD, I finished in 40:20. Wow.

Tuesday, February 8

Back Squats/Shoulder Press

Pull Ups

I made it up to 155 for my Back Squats this week with no pain. That is exciting. I also managed to use Lil' Red for the ME Pull Ups with out kipping. I did the last 2 of my 3 worksets of Shoulder Press at 78.5. Thank goodness for 1.25# weights.

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