Friday, March 11, 2011

Ball Slams and Rage, the Perfect Pairing

I have had quite a bit of rage recently. I yell at inanimate objects (which is not unusual, since I have been known to talk to them). I get mad that there are approximately 9,284 school buses in McLean at 3:30 afternoon and I get to be behind each of them, but only when I have somewhere to be at 4:00 pm. Seriously. They stop every 5 feet and let 20 kids off at each stop. I am all for kid safety and stuff but REALLY? You can see the next stop from where you are. Let those kids walk. They probably need the exercise.

All of these buses were in front of me yesterday. I am pretty sure I was close to having an aneurysm. 
It came to a head last night when I exploded at the dryer for making too much sound while it was drying our jeans. I was trying to go to sleep and all I could hear was the "CLANK, CLANK, CLANK" of the jean buttons. I shut our bedroom door in a major huff and yelled something like "STUPID DRYER! AUGHHH!" You know, because my life is so hard. DTM was like "Whoa, you have a lot of rage." He didn't know about the school bus issue either. I said something like "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!! GOOD NIGHT!" And went to sleep. I probably had rage dreams.

I have this for breakfast every morning.
I woke up this morning feeling rage-ful still but was ok with it because I was excited about the morning workout. More specifically, I was excited that I could complete the workout without modified movements, just modified weights. I discovered something magical. The workout included Ball Slams and I have to use a 15lb ball right now. But I can throw that ball so hard against the ground that I get a really good bounce on it. And because it is lighter, I am more explosive on the way up, meaning I can generate way more force on the way down. Heck. Yes. So I took out my rage on the Slam Ball. Poor thing. I feel AMAZING!!!!

Friday, March 11

Hurry Up!

400m Run with Med Ball
100 Wall Balls (20/12)
100 Ball Slams
100 Overhead Med Ball Lunges (20/12)
100 KB Swings
100 Burpees
100 Squats
400m Run with Med Ball

- Each partner must do 50 reps
- Only one partner can work at a time
- Partners must start and finish together

I like writing this one on the board and not immediately saying it is a partner WOD because people just want to die when they see the reps. It makes my day. The trick to this WOD is to break up the reps of each exercise into manageable chunks, like sets of 10, so you can rest a little. I was Susan's partner in the 6am class and used a 12lb Med Ball for all of those exercises, a 30lb KB for the swings, and the 15lb Slam Ball for Ball Slams. It is my new bff. We finished in 31:something. I was Kori's partner for the 7 am class and used the same weights for everything but the KB. I went down to the 12kg KB (26lbs). We finished in 28:34. Both girls kicked some major butt. Also, Hannah made it through the workout! This workout was one of the first she ever did when she started this past October and had a rough go. Today she made it! Fantastic! I would do a toe touch but I am not quite there yet.


  1. I really think using the lesser weighted everything is the key to your recovery. Just don't try to do more weight too soon. mom

  2. You're right, mama. I am sticking with the lighter weights until further notice!