Thursday, March 10, 2011

Glass Case of Emotion

I'm in a glass case of emotion!

I started to write this post a few days ago and then shelved it because I thought maybe I was just having a bad day or week. I also don't like admitting I am having a hard time. But guess what. I am having a hard time.

I have been really stressed out with everything that has been going on and my back cannot tolerate uber hard workouts, so I haven't been able to work out hard enough to relieve some of the stress. This, of course, stresses me out further. I have freaked out more than once wondering if I am on the right track with school, wondering if I can handle it, and wondering if it is what I should be doing. I am just having a hard time. In other words, I'm in a glass case of emotion!

When you work hard to become good at something and then something happens to prevent you from working as hard as you would like, you become crabby. That is me. Crabby.

So. True.
CrossFit has become such a way of life for me that when parts of it are taken away, I get a little depressed. Or a lot depressed. I guess I am struggling with not being good enough. I feel inadequate at school, at work, and at the gym. It sort of just gets to a girl after awhile, you know?

Anyway, I did have a good workout on Wednesday, so that helped my attitude a bit.

Wednesday, March 9

All the Way Up, All the Way Down

3 Rounds

15 Push Ups
15 Thrusters (95/65)
15 Push Ups
15 Ring Pull Ups
15 Push Ups
15 Traveling KB Swings
15 Push Ups
1 Rope/Net Climb

I was able to do this one with few modifications, so neato on that! My goal was to do the entire WOD doing true push ups. I managed to do all but 1 set of 15 and I am kicking myself because of it. My shoulders are screaming today, though. I did the Thrusters with the 45lb bar and used the 12 kg (about 26 lbs) for the swings. Squats and swings are getting better but are still touch and go with the back. The Ring Pull Ups and Net Climb were splendid. I can climb and descend the rope in 30 seconds. I call that winning. Finished in 22:40.


  1. Even with a broken body you kicked my butt. It took me all of 30:10 to finish. I am playing with the big boys now- not one girl pushup for me! Take a deep breath and take one day at a time, cliche I know, but try it.

  2. You are right Robin. One day at a time. Life is just so overwhelming sometimes!